Dickin' Around In Space

Beyond the Rim - Act 3

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Hey, it’s me The Narrator. Sorry, I’ve been real busy here with the wife and one of my kids has been sick. This is going to have to be a fast one, I have to go get my other kid from space soccer practice. Where were we? Oh yeah…

• Captain Harsol confronts both the Yiyar Clan and the crew as to why they’re on the planet.
• The crew gives their side of the events that have happened.
• The Yiyars tell an interesting side whih describes the crew as Imperial spies and plundering scavengers. The Yiyars claim to be sent by Ropok.
• Unfortunately since IT-3PO was shut down during the fight with the Yiyar on the Wheel, and wasn’t taken by the crew to any of the sights or during any of the conversations with Reom, he can’t confirm or deny anything anyone claims.
• Harsol isn’t swayed by either version of events, and orders both parties to the Retreat, which is the primary camp the survivors have lived in since the Sa Nalaor crashed.
• Once they arrive at the Retreat Captain Harsol gathers the crew and the Yiyar Clan in the main hall.
• He gives the two sides of the story, and decides to give it a night’s consideration before taking any action. The crowd is visibly wary of Harsol, and one bystander with a beard and a scar over his right eye even heckles him.
• Sensing that he’s losing the crowd, Harsol breaks up the meeting and sends the two groups to opposite parts of the camp to bunk down.
• Over the night, the crew talks amongst themselves and decide to try and barter some kind of deal with Harsol to safely get them off the planet. They figure Reom would be able to transport them in exchange for the location of whatever tech they salvaged off the Sa Nalaor.
• The next morning a female Arkanian who herself is almost a third cybernetics identifies herself as Cratala. She says she’s been assigned to show them around the camp to get an idea of what’s available. Cratala also claims to be the head researcher that was assigned to the ship before it went down.
• The first stop is to see Ninax, an Aqualish who complains about the generator being busted. Luckily Skooter is able to get it working again.
• Next they stop by Cratala’s research facility, which is in surprisingly good shape given their harsh settings. She explains the research she’s conducted is cutting edge, but that she could be even more effective in a better facility. Adria spots a busted medical droid, which Cratala says serves as her assistant in her procedural research.
• She offers to repair it, which she successfully does. She’s also able to discreetly download the research data off the droid’s memory banks without tripping any alarms.
• Cratala is delighted to have the droid back, and Bradrus succeeds in talking her into being open to the notion of leaving the planet is service of Reom if it means safety from the Empire. She says Harsol will be a harder sell, however.
• The Arkanian is consumed with her work, pointing the crew in the direction of the last place to visit while she gets to scheduling her next experiment.
• The last person in the Retreat they speak to is Rewah, who turns out to be the guy who was shouting at Harsol during the meeting. He says Harsol is losing his grip and becoming paranoid, and also says they aren’t the first off-worlders to discover them. The others disappeared without explanation so they should watch their backs. He also says the Yiyar have been talking shit on them to Harsol, claiming to have some evidence that proves what they say is right.
• Coincidentally, with all this on their minds they find Harsol walking into the center of the Retreat with the Yiyars. The lead Rodian is cocky as hell, saying the crew of the Fang are Imperial spies sent to hijack the technical data of the Sa Nalaor and sell out the survivors.
• The crew obviously argue against this, but the leader of the Yiyar produces proof in the form of a tracking device he says was pried off of the Krayt Fang. It’s obvious Imperial technology, and right as the argument is coming to a crescendo the tracker starts to beep.
• As if a plot point in a narrative story, a large ship flies low over the Retreat and settles down in the jungle. Adria got a brief look, and though she couldn’t make out the exact model or designation she could definitely make out the large Imperial Navy icon stenciled on the side.
• Everyone freaks out and starts running to and fro in psychotic desperation. The Yiyars take off, and Harsol starts losing it and screaming at the crew saying they brought the Empire here, it’s their fault, and shit like that.
• Bradrus miraculously is able to talk him down. Gunfire breaks out in the camp. The crew splits up. Bradrus and Jeffren go off to investigate the blaster fire, everyone else goes with Harsol to defend the primary wall the Imperials are most likely going to come from.
• At Cratala’s research hut, Bradrus & Jeffren see the Yiyars ransacking the place. They intervene and take them out before they can make off with the data.
• Back at the wall, and armored speeder parks a half mile outside the camp. A squad of elite-looking soldiers disembarks along with an officer. The troops move into the jungle and the officer pulls out a commlink. The loudspeakers on the speeder blare out that he is Lieutenant Ansol of the Imperial Security Bureau. He declares he is tracking a group of pirates that landed on the planet. If the inhabitants of the Retreat give them up peacefully, he promises to assist them safely to a civilized world.
• Harsol resist this, and is not swayed by Ansol’s words. Shots open up. Imperial troops split into two squads and advance the Retreat. Leila mounts a turret and primes it with her blaster pack. Dajo takes control of some derelict battle droids and sends them into the jungle to counter the troopers.
• Unfortunately the Imperials are extremely well trained, and easily take out the antiquated droids and are basically ripping shit up. Ansol, seeing it’s come to violence, deploys a tactical assault droid from the back of his speeder. Adria is a hell of a shot though and eliminates the assault droid in one shot before it can scale the wall. It explodes and lights part of the jungle on fire.
• By this point Jeffren and Bradrus have made it to the wall to lend their support. Skooter draws his knoife and slides creepily into the jungle. It’s a rough fight, and Jeffren goes down in a hail of blaster rounds. Bradrus patches him up, and they take out one of the troopers. Skooter fails to sneak up on two others, and is immediately knock on his ass by a pistolwhip. Idiot. He gets up and eventually takes out the two he’s fighting.
• The remaining two troopers make it to the wall and set an explosive charge. A few seconds later it detonates, blowing a huge hole in the wall, throwing everyone to the ground. Bradrus is buried in the rubble as a chaotic close quarter firefight breaks out. Eventually they repel the troops, and Ansol seeing the tide has turned mounts up and heads off in his ship. They dig Bradrus out, and consult what to do next with Harsol & Cratala.
• There are too many people to escape in the Fang. They decide to fall back to a smaller secondary campsite with the remaining survivors. They only have a few days worth of supplies saved there. They won’t be able to forage in case more Imperials come looking for them, so they stress the point that they are relying on the crew to find passage for them quickly. Harsol & Cratala leave to organize the survivors.
• Time is short and the situation desperate so of course the unscrupulous cunts of the Krayt Fang use this opportunity to go ransack Captain Harsol’s quarters. His door is a salvaged bulkhead which is secured shut. No one can crack it, but Skooter remembers the dead bodies in the jungle and pilfers a shape charge off one of the Imperial troopers. He sets the explosive, and everyone hunkers down. It detonates and unfortunately doesn’t kill them. Inside they find a safe, which Adria cracks. It holds 5 more of the same ore bars that they found in the debris field.
• With the ore pocketed, they make a break for the Fang and lift off Cholganna, the fate of a couple dozen people in their filthy, thieving hands.
• IT-3PO contacts Reom for the location of the rendezvous since the goods are in hand. He replies with coordinates to Raxus Prime, a waste world with lots of cover and scavenging opportunities. Bad news is the system is under heavy Imperial patrol due to recent Rebel activity in the area.
• They make the jump to the system easily, but upon nearing the planet they see an Imperial cordon where traffic into the atmosphere is passing through an inspection checkpoint.
• Luckily the traffic mostly seems to be freighters of various tonnage, and someone spots a line of YT-1300’s which the same company livery. Jeffren pilots the Fang to the end of the line, and when they get to their turn for inspection Bradrus successfully bluffs his way past the authorities. But they see an APB for the crew posted by Lieutenant Ansol on the local holonet, implying they may not be out of the woods just yet.
• Seeing an opening once they get close to the planet, Jeffren decides to try and ditch his TIE escort in the canyons of debris on the surface of Raxus Prime. After a few close calls and almost crashing into a caravan of Jawas he escapes the fighters and heads for Reom’s coordinates.
• Reom has converted a few scrapped cruisers into a base of operations. His second in command greets them and says Reom should be by soon.
• The Krayt Fang is a little worse for wear, so the crew offers to do some grunt work in exchange for repairs to the ship. They clear out a turbolift and repair a few blast doors around the facility to get in the good graces of the workers of Isotek.
• Skooter is looking for some obscure droid part but no one has one. The employee says maybe check with the Jawa scav parties since they sometimes come across tech even he can’t find. Coincidentally a trade caravan just pulled up outside one of the bays so they should look into it.
• The gang does this, and amazingly Skooter does find his motivator. He also notices something sketchy about these taller-than-normal Jawas, and pulls the hood back on one to reveal a Rodain!
• All hell breaks loose, it turns out this was a front for the bulk of the Yiyar Clan to hit Isotek at home. Shots are traded, and the leader of the attack group tries to take off on one of the skiffs. Jeffren hits the engine in a well-placed shot, detonating the vessel and the surrounding lake of toxic runoff in flames.
• Jeffren is caught in the firestorm, and falls into the lake. Skooter, stupid for wanting to help him, also falls into the lake as he flails wildly, probably screaming like a little girl. Eventually they are both pulled out and hosed off. The comms crackle and it sounds like another attack is happening at the front of the compound. The head off in that direction and see a Yiyar leading a few Trandoshan mercs.
• Skooter literally dives into the midst of them and stabs like crazy, butchering all of the mercenaries in a blur of motion and gore. Upon the sight of the blue skinned, red eyed nightmare covered in blood the last remaining Rodian tries to kill himself rather than face him.
• Fuck me he can’t do it, sheeeeeeeeit!
• But like a boss his blaster round zings past hit skull and detonates a nearby gastank, causing a rockslide which crushes him alive. Thanks, irony!
• Seeing this gruesome display sets the rest of the crew on edge. How well do they really know this Chiss? And why does he keep flicking his tongue at the knife while hissing “LOOK AT IT” over and over?
• Ahh whatever, soon the day is won and they meet Reom in the infirmary. He took a round in the fight, but is still up to pay his debts. He hands over 60k in credits for the tech research, getting him Cratala in the flesh, and the pure ore bars. He withholds five grand to organize a flotilla to pick up the remaining survivors on Cholganna and safely hide them.
• After the credits are transferred he gets a message that all the fighting must have alerted the Imperials, who are en route. Cripes, now we gotta deal with this too?
• Reom says he has an ace up his sleeve. The Blockade Bandit, the hull they are standing in right now, isn’t as much of a wreck as it seems. If they can patch up a few things, they can blast out of the atmosphere and escape the Imperials. So jobs are assigned, and everyone sets off just as the cops show up.
• They hold off the resistance and patch up the Bandit, but Reom says the bridge is being sieged by an officer and squad of stormtroopers. Everyone regroups, and it seems Lieutenant Ansol is at the front leading the invasion force. After a rough fight, they clear out the last of the Imperial forces.
• Reom heads to the bridge and fires up the engines. For a second it seems the Blockade Bandit actually is the pile of shit it looks like, but it bursts out of the planet’s gravity like a late term birth.
• Imperials lost, they make the jump to a safe quadrant and our crew parts way in the Fang, and nice hefty sum of credits fresh in their bank accounts.

Now look I really have to go, my youngest just puked all over the dejarick table.


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