Skooter Heetshooter

Fringer / Outlaw Tech (Mo)


Not pictured: Alcoholism.


Born Inrokini’sssk’utaar, Skooter belonged to the Ruling Family responsible for communications and non-industrial science. It was while operating his Space Ham Radio (AKA Spam Radio) that he established contact with an alien who taught him the science of distilling. Well before his 12th birthday, Skooter was a drunk. As Chiss society frowns on both emotional displays and alien culture, he was banished from the Ascendancy and stumbled his way to the Galactic Core, eventually winding up on Tattooine, although he couldn’t recall exactly how.

He earned the nickname Heetshooter at a party after boasting that his BAC was so high he could set his urine ablaze.

Skooter Heetshooter

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