Dickin' Around In Space

Hard Bargain

Jeffren “Chico” Froe
Prata’ri Rackus

So after that whole deal with Reom (link not found) and the planet Cholganna (link not found), the crew of the The Krayt Fang, finally return to The Wheel (link not found) to sell their nexu pelts and, in some cases, get some desperately needed medical attention. While most of the gang is treating their wounds, selling some extra gear, or chatting it up with Master-Com (link not—damn it, really?), Chico and Rackus decide to stroll around the outer section of the station, perusing the various shops and emporiums.

One in particular grabs their eyes: a dingy shop labeled “Gorn’s Superb Emporium”. It’s a shabby-looking joint with dusty shelves and a bunch of junk littered around. So you know it’s gonna have cool stuff, right?

Well, Chico and Rackus step inside and are immediately threatened by an old OOM security droid. The old OOM security droid right next to it states that these are customers, not enemies, and that the first droid needs to chill. Finally, the shopkeeper tells the droids to lower their weapons and greets his customers.

This is Gorn Vorrox. He offers to sell the two droids, but our heroes aren’t interested (after all, it’s not like anyone in the group has any use for droids or droid parts). Instead, they inquire about some weapons. Chico finds a nice holdout blaster, and while Rackus is negotiating for a stun rifle, they are quickly shoved out of the way by an angry Duros with some hired goons at his back.

Rasz Gal throws a piece of equipment on the counter and yells at Gorn for selling him a defective hyperdrive motivator, then demands his 3,000 credits back, plus an additional 500 for his trouble. Gorn insists that he sold a functioning motivator and tells Rasz that all sales are final. It’s a tough situation, tensions are high, and that’s before the blasters are drawn. Rasz pulls a blaster pistol and aims it at Gorn. Gorn reaches under the counter and brings up a scattergun. This is where Jeffren decides to intervene and tell everyone to cool out.

Now, sure, that’s some good horse-sense, but Jeffren’s not really a top-notch negotiator, and Rasz isn’t even listening. He’s out for blood. Hey, I know! Prata’ri Rackus is a pretty good mechanic, why doesn’t he offer to look at the motivator? Maybe he can fix it!

But that’s not what happens. instead, Chico and Rackus look at the two armed foes, standing across from one another, and decide to GO FOR THEIR GUNS!!!!!

Jeffren nobly makes a show of stepping in front of Rasz to prevent him from hitting Gorn, and grabs Rasz’s blaster pistol. Rasz isn’t giving up easily, though. He’ll…keeeeeeeep holding on.

Rackus makes a crazy dive over the counter, knocking Gorn into the wall and landing on the scattergun, smashing it. Oops.

The Barabel and two Aqualish goons draw their weapons, and now it’s on. Rasz struggles with Jeffren, and manages to hit Gorn. Meanwhile, the Barabel blasts Jeffren to get him off. And those two security droids? They fire at the Aqualish, and do…nothing. It’s not looking good. Jeffren fires back at Rasz, and in the confusion, Gorn runs from behind the counter to a wall of shelves. He reaches behind a shelf, and suddenly the wall opens up, allowing Gorn to rush inside. Fortunately, Jeffren and Rackus manage to dash through as well, and Rackus spots the switch that closes the door. Jeffren takes a few hits before the door seals shut, but once it does, they’re safe. For now.

They can still hear blaster shots hitting the wall, and Gorn explains that the door won’t hold for very long if they keep hitting it like that. He grabs a heavy blaster from a crate, and that’s when Jeffren and Rackus notice that this back room seems to be filled with more valuable and illicit merchandise. Gorn tells them that he appreciates their defending him, and if they’ll see it through, he’ll make sure to reward them. The two agree, and soon they’re standing back in front of the door, ready to open it and surprise the attackers.

Gorn hits the switch, the door begins to open, and the 3 defenders prepare to strike. Fortunately, the droids have wiped out the two Aqualish before being destroyed, so it looks like now they outnumber the criminals three to tw—

Okay, Gorn is down. The Barabel is quick to notice the door opening and takes out Gorn immediately. So much for a numbers advantage. Now it’s 2 versus 2. Jeffren and Rackus concentrate their fire on the Barabel, but he will not go down, plus Jeffren takes a serious hit, so Rackus quickly reaches for the switch again and shuts the door to the backroom. Suddenly, the blaster fire on the other side goes quiet. Jeffren uses a stimpack to revive Gorn, and they explain that they were unable to stop Rasz and his thugs, so they just shut themselves inside the back room again. Gorn laments that Rasz is probably stealing all the cash at the counter and wrecking the store, but at least he’s still alive, and he has these two jerks to thank for that, so he offers them a reward for their assistance: they can choose any one item here in the storage room, and he’ll give it to them, free of charge. What a deal!

They dig around a little, and decide to settle on the stun rifle Rackus was seeking earlier. Also, Jeffren spots some rare modular armor, which Gorn offers at a discount. At least now he’s got some cash to try and get back on his feet.

So they go back and re-open the door, satisfied with their business dealings and glad to leave with their lives, ready to regroup with the rest of th—FREEZE!

The pair find themselves confronted by 5 uniformed security officers, who all have their blasters drawn. This is going to be an even tougher fight, it’s going to take all their courage…
so they just put their hands up. This has gone bad enough already. The Lieutenant approaches Rackus and Jeffren, demanding an explanation. Gorn quickly steps out and greets them, and explains the whole thing, adding that these two jerks just saved his life. The Lieutenant is satisfied, and lets them go on their way while he talks with Gorn for the report. Before they leave, Gorn thanks them again, and tells them they’re welcome to return once he gets the business back up and running.

Wounded, tired, and hungry, our boys head out, probably looking for pizza.


Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find those links as soon as we find out whatever happened to that Lieutenant Herkin fellow.

Hard Bargain
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