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  • Give him the stick!

    Players: [[:adria-montoya | Adria Montoya]] [[:bradrus-sell | Bradrus "Slick" Sell]] [[:fn-1k | FN-1K]] [[:jeffren-chico-froe | Jeffren "Chico" Froe]] [[:juice-dookdroppa | Juice Dookdroppa]] Heyyyy there. Skootre heere. Juss...juss writin'... …

  • Sedari Synnot

    Once a powerful Vigo in the Onderonian branch of the Black Sun crime syndicate, now a source of heartburn for his own pet Rancor. Synnot was handsomely paid by [[:agent-red-1 | Agent "Red"]] to incriminate and entrap the players before getting blasted.

  • Shorrkam

    A reluctant enforcer for [[:sedari-synnot | Sedari Synnot]], Shorrkam suddenly found himself a pacifist when [[The Krayt Fang | The Krayt Fang]] Gang confronted his employer. Upon Synnot's death, he was free of the life debt owed to the Black Sun Vigo. …

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