Sunny Bounder

Swoop Racer.... Hot


Sunny is a tall, narrow, hard-eyed young woman somewhere between 25 and 30 years old.


A swoop and speeder bike rider from her earliest memory, Sunny eventually took to fixing races, organizing illegal swoop races for herself and others, and organizing all the various and sundry aspects of racing, such as security, bribes, and gambling takes. A few years ago, Sunny formed the Black Seraphs from the dregs of another swoop gang that she’d helped destroy. She organized the survivors into an effective group of grifters, con artists, and hustlers.

After trying to cheat her way to victory against Skooter and FN-1K, Sunny went all PMS and tried to kill them. They only knocked her unconscious though (after horrifically wounding her), and Skooter lovingly placed her limp body in the Dragonbane cantina.

Sunny Bounder

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