Juice Dookdroppa

Mercenary / Gadgeteer (Brandon)


Bearmode, with a beard to boot.

Imperial Unit tattoo on left arm.


Wanting to get off his homeworld, and with no real skills to speak of the Imperial Army seemed a natural choice. After indoctrination, Juice found himself in a front line infantry platoon. It suited him well, preferring his combat close using overwhelming volume of fire to suppress the enemy. His unit was deployed to support a Stormtrooper regiment that had been sent to a fringe colony that was in open revolt of the Empire. Not particularly political by nature, Juice was none the less horrified by the violent response by the Stormtroopers to the unruly but still unarmed civilians in revolt. After refusing to have his unit open fire, he was court-martialed and ultimately dishonorably discharged from the Imperial Army. With nothing more than the blaster on his hip and the skills the Empire had trained him with he headed to the Outer Rim, disillusioned but still holding on to his principals the best he can.

Juice Dookdroppa

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