Jeffren "Chico" Froe

Scoundrel (Jeff)


Jeffren’s defining feature is a brown fedora with a PRESS card tucked into the hat band. On his belt he carries a modified heavy blaster and conceals a holdout blaster under his leather jacket. He never travels anywhere without his holojournalist equipment in his backpack.


Jeffren was a holojournalist from CPN, Corellian Plantetary News. He was tasked with shedding a light on underground crime organizations. When a story he did on an illegal hunting ring on Rodia made the galactic airwaves, Jeffren was asked to do a followup by his news director, Bartam Typhe. It turns out someone was trying to take credit for freeing the prisoners by posing as the Corellian hero. That someone was Lieutenant Herkin.

Instead, Jeffren sent his station an interview he did with himself, silhouetted to conceal his true indentity. He used the pseudonym of “Chico” during the interview, a nickname he was given years ago. But Herkin informed Jeffren’s boss of his Rebellion slant and arranged to have him killed.

Herkin and Typhe forced an old smuggler named Dek to do the dirty work by kidnapping his wife and demanding that he kill Jeffren. Not to be outdone, Jeffren turned the tables on Dek, stole his ship and left him to die on Raltir. All without firing a shot. Damn, he’s good.

Jeffren "Chico" Froe

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