Gara Vellix

Local reporter, Corellian Planetary News


Originally from the Core World of Xyquine II, Gara Vellix has become one of CPN’s most popular local on-air personalities. She has a natural curiosity that has helped her cultivate many connections throughout Corellia, and Coronet City in particular. She’s just as comfortable doing stories about the city’s underworld as she is networking with prominent Corellian officials and businessmen, which has made her a valuable asset to CPN director Bartam Typhe, or to anyone looking to report on local Corellian issues, since it’s likely she knows someone (or someone who knows someone) that can get the dirt on a tough story. Unfortunately, this news savvy doesn’t extend outside the Core Worlds, as Gara has never traveled outside the safety of the Corellian system.

When Gara heard rumors that her supposedly-dead colleague Jeffren “Chico” Froe had returned to his homeworld, she made an effort to track him down through her various contacts and sources.

Gara Vellix

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